Thursday, March 25, 2010

Burlap...not too shabby

We LOVE burlap! Burlap is a very versatile fabric that can add dimension, texture and interest to your space. This fabric has gained popularity since the days when it was only used as grain and coffee sacks (even though we love those too). It can now be seen as furniture upholstery, table linens, accent bedding, and drapery fabrics. The great thing about burlap is that is can be added to any space no matter what the style or decor. It goes well with fun and funky fabrics as well as traditional silks. The best thing about burlap is that it is cheap, cheap, cheap! It can be found for as low as $1.50 a yard!!! At that price, it's a trend you can easily incorporate into any space.

You can recover a chair seat with plain burlap or grain sacks

Add texture to a table with a burlap table runner

Use a variety of coffee and grain sacks to cover a padded cube ottoman for a contemporary edge

Or add plain burlap with a ruffle edge for a sweet little seat

Stenciled burlap throw pillows are a great addition to a comfy sofa

Full length burlap draperies add a dramatic and luxurious feel to a space for a fraction of the price of other fabrics

The easiest way to use burlap is to cover a bulletin board. Simply attached the fabric with upholstery tacks for a great finished look

This fabric is easy to work with and you really can't go wrong wherever you use it. I hope this inspires you to use and love burlap like we do!

~ Cassie


  1. love it! love the bon nuit pillow!!!! i wonder where i can put it in my house. gotta find a spot. thanks fabulous ladies!

  2. I am a recent burlap convert and I have to say ... I love it!! Great Ideas!!!

  3. You beat me to it! Love it!
    Also,guys, I make these pillows and can custom stencil them for you. I will be posting about it soon!

  4. Bulap is one of my favorites!!!!!!!I can do so many things with it and I do. LOL Newest follower here:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. Preciosa página¡¡



  6. Great ideas - I especially love the ottoman cubes.

    For my projects, I found some great, colorful burlap coffee bags online at this place: A lot of designs I haven't seen anywhere else.